Fun new find… El Gastronomo Vagabundo

3 Aug

So RJ and I made a trip out to Flat Rock Cellars yesterday to check out Niagara’s newest, coolest food spot… a totally cool taco truck!!!! Aptly named El Gastronomo Vagabundo, this fabricated food truck serves up wicked delicious gourmet tacos and salads, and not to mention a super yummy looking granita made using Flat Rock’s Sweet Revenge Icewine! 

Culinary consultant RJ and I both did the prix fixe offering so we could try a little bit of everything. Of course I was too busy chowing down to even take a picture of the fare but trust me when I say they looked just as good as they tasted 🙂 There was an uber-yummy salmon and tempura veggie taco, a mouth-watering pork belly taco and a fresh and fruity taco with peaches, blueberries and dried banana chips. Also included were two ultra seasonal salads which were loaded with local heirloom tomatoes and zesty vinaigrettes! 



‘Brought to you by peapod cuisine, el gastrónomo vagabundo is a new take on international street food, offering a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.  Spurred by the increasing popularity of mobile street food in North America, el gastró is the first mobile food truck of its kind in Canada, featuring gourmet tacos, tapas, southeast Asian dishes, and garden fresh salads. ‘ 

I love their tagline – ‘globally inspired. locally driven’. They are all about the food – both Adam and Tamara seem to have this passion for food that is just seeping out of their pores, they are so hospitable, even letting RJ get a peek into the truck and check out their wares. They talked “shop” for a few minutes while Chase and I enjoyed a glass of Twisted and took in the view from the green roof top patio. 

Definitely a must-do when spending your day touring. A great in between meals kind of snack. 

Check out their website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, whatever. Just do it! 


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