A little something about our cheese ‘cakes’…

The idea behind our ‘cakes’ is to offer something a bit different and fun for those looking to be a little unique on their big day! What we do at A Cheesy Alternative – Tiered Cheese Cakes is work with each couple to determine what sorts of cheese they like and what would suit them and their guests best. We also work with you to coordinate the cake decor and ensure that it matches perfectly with the rest of the day.

We offer  handmade accompaniments (including crostini, candied nuts and fresh, seasonal chutneys) to pair with the cheese’s once they have been cut and placed out for the late night buffet.

Our ultimate goal is to showcase the best that Canada has to offer with all the wonderful artisan cheesemakers, but we do also have a list of International cheeses available.

* Due to the nature of the product, all cheese selections are subject to availability.

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